1. Hello Saffron, great pics and paintings.
    I would love to paint you.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    My Instagram account is

  2. Your art is fabulous! IG is banning everyone. Is there an archive of your work online?

  3. Bonjour Marta, je tiens à vous féliciter pour vos travaux, ils sont tout simplement fantastiques.
    J’admire vraiment votre travail.
    Salutations Dante

  4. It’s true I gave up 🙁
    If you want to commission a drawing – I can do this with pleasure. It will be posted on this website only

  5. Hi ! I follow you on IG and saw your post about being deactivated . I want to support you and don’t want to see you give up on your career , your work is amazing , sensual raw and beautiful . So I thought I’d inquire about having you draw me and also buy one of your self portraits of yourself or if you’re interested , commission you to do a one off self portrait of yourself for me . I want to show my appreciation of you and your work .
    Sincerely Drew

  6. Hi Marta
    I saw your page on instagram and had to take a look at your web page. Your art is fantastic, I love your pictures and your drawing style too. I am just starting out drawing mostly women’s figures. I am wanting to get more into drawing erotic raunchy art but can’t really see a place to post it without being censored. Not that I’m close to being able to make a book of my own artwork, may I ask where you got your books printed please for future reference? I look very forward to seeing your future works. Many thanks

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