Is the nipple evil?

I’m frustrated by instagram censorship. I decided to focus more on thi page, because I’m free here. My stories about my books, my drawings, photos – everything is evil for instagram. The nipple is the worst I think. On this little drawing you see my nipple without any context. Do you feel offended? Write to me if you have some thoughts about it 🙂

210×148 mm (A5), white bristol, coloured pencils

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  1. Thank you for your support 🙂
    I hope to find a solution to expose my drawings with no censorship to big audience. I work on it.
    Thank you again

  2. Hi Saffron, No your drawings, even the nipple are not evil. After the demise of the sexual and artistic freedoms that Tumblr allowed many have tried to find a social media platform that millions had access to but that still allowed those same freedoms. Unfortunately Instagram is not that platform. I’m not sure there will be one anytime soon given the move towards the far right that at least in the USA has occurred.

    Your work is beautiful. Please keep up your efforts in trying to expose us to your art!!



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