Love vs. censorship

This drawing is about love. Man and his wife. Beautiful giving pleasure.

This drawing has been deleted from instagram because of sexual content.

Have you ever heard about art deleted on instagram because of violence? Death? Let me know if yes.

On tv or internet platforms you can see series where each episode is beginning by death. And after TheGoodGuy is killing a lot. He is that good! I saw the only one superhero series where in 3rd of 4th season TheGoodGuy stops killing (Green Arrow).

You can see tortures and death everywhere: in movies, art, photos, games. A lot of blood everywhere.

But what is censored? Female’s nipples, fellatio with love, naked bodies. Each one of us have a body! Nothing wrong with it! But in our media naked human body is good only if it’s dead (Jesus).

We live in death culture – gloryfing violence. In our (human, because in every religion is similar) culture we are ashamed with our naked bodies and love. We are learned since childhood that our naked body is bad.

But killing, eating meat, tortures are quite ok 🙁

What do you think about it?

210×300 mm (A4), gray bristol, coloured pencils

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