Penis. The biggest taboo

You can see naked bodies everywhere. Usually female, sometimes male. But the penis is nearly nowhere. I asked myself why?

Two roles of penis in our culture:
The first
is the tool of violence. Girls usually don’t see penises until they are teens (maybe now is a bit different because of popularity of porn). The first reaction for this view usually is fear. Why? Because since childhood girls are warned that it can be dangerous and it can hurt. Nobody says: « dear girl penis is usually lovely and gives you pleasure », they usually say: « watch out – it can be dangerous ».
The second role is to be powerfull, desired and mysterious. That’s why we don’t see it. We know that someone who has penis is more powerfl than someone who hasn’t one. To be like a woman or to have no balls means to be ridiculous and pathetic. This hidden precious penis is powerful and desired.

In our culture we treat penises like something very special. Not without a reason it’s called « treasure » in several languages.

The problem is that, in my opinion, usually men don’t want nor violence, nor power. They want to be accepted as they are, loved and hugged. Like every creatures on this world. I’m talking about normal people: workers, officials, restaurators etc. There are men who need to be powerfull and to show it. There are violent men too. But usually men (and penises) are ok, nice and lovely.

What do you think about it? Is your penis violent or nice?

210×297 mm (A4), toned paper, coloured pencils

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